Five Ways An Outdoor Firepit Can Transform Your Spring And Summer

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As the weather warms up, it presents the perfect opportunity to start moving your gatherings outside and enjoying the beautiful outdoor temperatures of spring and summer. With an outdoor fire pit, your home can transform into a wonderful gathering place for your friends and family and become instantly more charming. An outdoor fire pit can help you transform your spring and summer experience in several ways.

5 Gas Fireplace Trends That Are Perfect For Fall

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Fireplaces are a perfect way to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and stay warm during cold fall months. Gas fireplaces, in particular, are popular due to their flexibility and a broad range of designs.

You can easily give your home a rustic or contemporary feel when you select the right gas fireplace design. Read this post to discover some exciting indoor fireplace trends you can explore for fall.

3 Reasons to Add a Fireplace to a Residential Unit Before Selling

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Fireplaces remain an integral amenity in most homes. Homebuyers are likely to include it as a decision point when determining the best house to purchase. This possibility provides an opportunity that home sellers may exploit to increase their units’ marketability. This blog discusses in detail a few advantages of installing fireplaces before placing a residential unit in the market.

Should You Add A Fireplace To A Rental Unit?

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For landlords, inexpensive amenities can boost a unit’s appeal to new renters and renters’ desire to stay longer or become repeat customers. One such amenity that many landlords consider is a fireplace — either indoor or outdoor. Should you add a fireplace to your rental property? What can you do to ensure safety and beauty? And where should you start? Read on to learn the answers to a few of your questions.

Which Type of Gas Fireplace Is Right for You?

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Gas Fireplace - Alpine Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are some of the safest and most convenient options, especially when compared to wood fireplaces. However, you have more than one option available if you’re considering a gas fireplace. If you would like to know which type of gas fireplace is right for you, keep reading.

Traditional Gas Fireplace

A traditional gas fireplace has many advantages over a traditional wood-burning fireplace. First, since it doesn’t use wood, there’s no risk of creosote buildup. Creosote is a byproduct of burning wood. If ignored, it can build up on the sides of the chimney. Since creosote is incredibly flammable and hard to remove, this can easily start a fire.

Reasons to Install Fireplaces in Your Bed and Breakfast

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Breakfast in Bed - Alpine Gas Fireplaces

Fireplaces can do a lot of good things for bed and breakfasts. If you run a bed and breakfast that doesn’t have fireplaces in its rooms, here are many good reasons to put them in.

Set Your Establishment Apart

First, fireplaces can help set you apart from many other lodging options in the area. You’ll be in a better position to compete with any other businesses that have fireplaces, and you’ll have a distinct advantage over any business that doesn’t have fireplaces in its rooms.

5 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Fire place Instead of Heaters

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Outdoor Fire Place - Alpine Gas Fireplaces

Heating your outdoor entertainment space makes it more welcoming and enjoyable to everyone and ensures that you will get the maximum use from it. But why should you opt for an outdoor fireplace rather than standard outdoor heaters? Discover five o the best reasons.

1. Fireplaces Add Coziness

Snuggling up to a source of warmth on a cold evening is enjoyable, but a heater can’t provide the same level of coziness that a real fire feature does. Real flames dancing in the dark and the warm glow of the fire make the entire space – from the closest seats to the farthest edges of orange shadowing – more friendly and relaxing.

Important Considerations When Buying a Firepit

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Firepit - Alpine Gas FireplacesA firepit is an invaluable addition to your backyard, patio, or porch that keeps you warm and cozy during chilly days. It’s the perfect area for you to host friends and family or simply relax after a long day.

A firepit also increases your yard’s aesthetics, giving it a beautiful glow and warm ambiance. However, buying a firepit can be daunting, especially with the innumerable options in the market. Learn essential tips and considerations for purchasing a firepit that meets your needs, style, and budget.

Local Ordinances and Codes

Choosing Where to Place Your Outdoor Firepit

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Nothing is better than gathering around a toasty fire pit on a mild summer evening. Fire pits make your outdoor space more versatile and homey. You can roast marshmallows or drink a cup of cocoa under the stars whenever you feel like it.Outdoor Firepit - Alpine Gas Fireplaces

When you are planning out the perfect place to put your fire pit, there are a few things that you should consider.


The most important part of deciding where to place your fire pit is safety. You need to make sure that wherever your fire pit is, it’s not going to be dangerous. Here are some quick tips for fire safety with a fire pit.

4 Useful Accessories for Your Backyard Firepit

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Firepit For Summer — Alpine Gas Fireplaces

A firepit creates a natural gathering point that fits into any backyard seamlessly. If you want to get the most out of your firepit, you will likely be interested in some of the most popular add-ons for this feature. Here are four examples of useful accessories that can enhance the convenience and safety of your firepit.

1. Fire Media

The pieces of glass or stone that fill your firepit are known as the fire media. The fire media is essential to protect your firepit from scorching and warping. The media distributes gas and heat evenly around the firepit to prevent focused heat from damaging the feature.

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