Five Ways An Outdoor Firepit Can Transform Your Spring And Summer

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As the weather warms up, it presents the perfect opportunity to start moving your gatherings outside and enjoying the beautiful outdoor temperatures of spring and summer. With an outdoor fire pit, your home can transform into a wonderful gathering place for your friends and family and become instantly more charming. An outdoor fire pit can help you transform your spring and summer experience in several ways.

5 Gas Fireplace Trends That Are Perfect For Fall

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Fireplaces are a perfect way to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and stay warm during cold fall months. Gas fireplaces, in particular, are popular due to their flexibility and a broad range of designs.

You can easily give your home a rustic or contemporary feel when you select the right gas fireplace design. Read this post to discover some exciting indoor fireplace trends you can explore for fall.

3 Reasons to Add a Fireplace to a Residential Unit Before Selling

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Fireplaces remain an integral amenity in most homes. Homebuyers are likely to include it as a decision point when determining the best house to purchase. This possibility provides an opportunity that home sellers may exploit to increase their units’ marketability. This blog discusses in detail a few advantages of installing fireplaces before placing a residential unit in the market.

Should You Add A Fireplace To A Rental Unit?

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For landlords, inexpensive amenities can boost a unit’s appeal to new renters and renters’ desire to stay longer or become repeat customers. One such amenity that many landlords consider is a fireplace — either indoor or outdoor. Should you add a fireplace to your rental property? What can you do to ensure safety and beauty? And where should you start? Read on to learn the answers to a few of your questions.

Design Ideas for Room-Transitioning Fireplaces

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Designers favor the two-sided fireplace. The purpose of the two-sided fireplace is to delineate space in an open floor plan, so it serves as a transition between two “rooms.” Sometimes, these fireplaces are visible from two sides of a wall. However, you also see installations in which the back wall of the fireplace offers another design element.

Below are ideas for the room-transitioning fireplace.

Fireplace With Shelf

Design Ideas for a Curved Fire Pit Hangout

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The fire pit is a focal point for backyard entertaining. Even in the warm months, you can enjoy the light from the fire well into the evening. In the cold months, you have the warmth. No matter the season, if you have a fire pit in your backyard, you have a pleasant and welcoming backyard hangout.

If you’re giving your backyard a makeover, be deliberate in the design of this hangout. While the hangout can take on any shape, round is perhaps the most charming option because curves and arcs create a pleasing visual. They also draw attention to the pit itself. Below are some ideas for a curved fire pit hangout.

Outdoor Fireplace Safety Tips for Families With Children

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Gathering around an outdoor fire is a tradition for many families, and the evenings roasting marshmallows and telling stories provide cherished memories that last a lifetime. When enjoying an outdoor fire with children, however, you must take care. If you get an outdoor fireplace, follow these tips to help the youngest members of your family stay safe.

Keep Fire-Starting Items Out of Reach

Any fire-starting materials you have should be kept up high where small children aren’t able to reach. Lighters and matches, obviously, should be kept out of reach of young children. These aren’t the only fire-starting materials to consider, though.

How to Help Little Ones Practice Fire Safety

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Fire is a warming and comforting thing for nearly everyone. And it’s often part of outdoor fun both in the summer and in the winter. But if you have kids around your fireplace or firepit, good fire safety is a must.

How can you encourage proper use of the fireplace or firepit that keeps your kids and others safe at all time? Here are a few easy things to do at home.

3 Emerging Trends in Gas Fireplaces

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Beautiful and functional fireplaces are making a comeback as the center of family homes. Interior designers and style-savvy homeowners are placing more emphasis on transforming fireplaces into the centerpieces they were designed to be.

Gas fireplaces come in many different styles, which makes it easy for you to install a gas fireplace that will enhance the beauty of your home. Just as trends are constantly changing in interior design, fireplace trends evolve as the years pass as well.

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