3 Reasons to Add a Fireplace to a Residential Unit Before Selling

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Fireplaces remain an integral amenity in most homes. Homebuyers are likely to include it as a decision point when determining the best house to purchase. This possibility provides an opportunity that home sellers may exploit to increase their units’ marketability. This blog discusses in detail a few advantages of installing fireplaces before placing a residential unit in the market.

Boosting a Property’s Aesthetic Appeal

Installing a fireplace boosts your property’s aesthetics, creating a positive first impression. Fireplaces are available in different designs and sizes, allowing you to choose fireplaces that complement your units’ interior design.

For example, you can choose between traditional and contemporary fireplace designs depending on a residential unit’s theme. Contemporary fireplaces include elegant features such as marble or tile-lined walls, glossy frames, and classy glass covers to give a living room an exotic look. In contrast, traditional fireplaces may incorporate farmhouse or red brick designs to give the space an organic feel.

You can then include the installed fireplace as a selling point. For example, you may include photos of the fireplace in the property listing’s gallery. Do not be surprised should a home buyer settle for your unit because they liked the fireplace.

Increasing a Property’s Market Value

A fireplace can boost your property’s market value significantly. A 2016 survey indicated that more than two-thirds of homebuyers were willing to pay extra for a house with a fireplace. Moreover, at least 70 percent of realtors agreed that fireplaces were a value-addition investment.

There is a consensus among buyers and sellers that fireplaces have a value addition effect on residential property. There is a possibility that the difference in pricing between your property and others in your area is that they have fireplaces. Fitting your residential units with fireplaces levels the playground and boosts their valuation, pushing them to a higher bracket.

You can check local property listings to get an idea of how much you should adjust the units’ prices to remain competitive. Alternatively, you can add fireplaces in select units to target a wider range of clients.

Fireplaces are a cost-effective home improvement that will boost your property’s valuation without breaking the bank. Moreover, installing a fireplace will likely increase the property’s value by a margin big enough to cover the installation costs and earn a profit.

Improving the New Home Owner’s Living Experience

Homebuyers expect residential units to have at least fireplaces or heaters for chilly nights and cold seasons. Buyers who acquire houses that lack fireplaces or heaters are likely to contract heating services within a short period. Thus, proprietors should install fireplaces in their units to meet their buyers’ expectations.

For example, you may install your units with contemporary fireplaces that guarantee convenience and efficiency. Some contemporary linear fireplaces include a remote feature allowing users to power and control the fireplaces from the comfort of their sofas.

Proprietors should also consider safety as part of their buyers’ expectations as different fireplaces offer varying safety levels. Family houses may be fitted with gas or electric fireplaces to mitigate accidents involving children. These fireplaces often have glass covers and insulated heat elements, reducing the chances of burns.

However, proprietors should be cautious not to install high-maintenance fireplaces that may put off potential homebuyers. For example, wood fireplaces involve a lot of clean-up to remove the soot and ashes. Gas fireplaces are a suitable alternative offering the same output without the clean-up hassles.

Learning More About Fireplaces

Proprietors who want to install fireplaces in their residential units should contact Alpine Fireplaces. Our professionals are ready to take you through the available options to choose fireplaces that match your residential units. Please book an appointment with us or visit one of our six showrooms today.

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