Electric Fireplace in Utah and Idaho


If you want a fireplace that you can enjoy year-round, an electric fireplace is a great choice. At Alpine Fireplaces, we offer a selection of high quality electric fireplaces. We proudly supply electric fireplaces to homes throughout Idaho and Utah.

Why Choose Electric Fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces are a smart choice for any Idaho or Utah homeowner. Discover why you might consider an electric fireplace of your own:

  • They produce no smoke: You don’t have to worry about potentially toxic gases or fumes.
  • They are energy-efficient: As they don’t rely on chimneys, they don’t lose a lot of their heat. They also require no wood, so they are better
    for the environment as well.
  • They are affordable: Since electric fireplaces are self-contained and don’t require much maintenance, these are cost-effective options.
  • They are versatile: As you can simply plug in electric fireplaces, they can go in any living unit without construction. You can enjoy them in
    a small apartment or large home.
  • They are long-lasting: Electric fireplaces don’t rust or corrode, so they often last for longer than other fireplaces.
  • They are customizable: If you want an electric fireplace that matches your home’s décor, you can enjoy the vast selection of pre-made
    fireplaces or customize one for yourself.
  • They are enjoyable year-round: Whether you want to enjoy a warm fire in winter or during a chilly spring or fall day, you can start your
    electric fireplace quickly and easily.
  • They are controllable: If you want to set certain times, temperatures, or colors, many electric fireplaces come with remote controls.

If you have any questions about electric fireplaces, let our experienced fireplace technicians help. We have multiple showrooms throughout Idaho
and Utah. We are always happy to answer your questions and provide suggestions about which electric fireplace is right for you.

Call us today at 1.800.550.0952 for a free quote and in-home consultation, or visit the show room nearest you.

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