3 Things to Consider Before You Install a Fire Pit

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With summer in full swing, the warm weather has set in, but with the late months of the season comes cooler evenings and nights. This is the perfect time of year to enjoy evenings around afire pit in your backyard. Installing afire pit is a great investment for your family as well as there sale value of your home. Before you get started, there are somethings you need to think about. Here are a couple of things to consider as you plan your fire pit installation.

Design Ideas for a Curved Fire Pit Hangout

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The fire pit is a focal point for backyard entertaining. Even in the warm months, you can enjoy the light from the fire well into the evening. In the cold months, you have the warmth. No matter the season, if you have a fire pit in your backyard, you have a pleasant and welcoming backyard hangout.

If you’re giving your backyard a makeover, be deliberate in the design of this hangout. While the hangout can take on any shape, round is perhaps the most charming option because curves and arcs create a pleasing visual. They also draw attention to the pit itself. Below are some ideas for a curved fire pit hangout.

Outdoor Fireplace Safety Tips for Families With Children

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Gathering around an outdoor fire is a tradition for many families, and the evenings roasting marshmallows and telling stories provide cherished memories that last a lifetime. When enjoying an outdoor fire with children, however, you must take care. If you get an outdoor fireplace, follow these tips to help the youngest members of your family stay safe.

Keep Fire-Starting Items Out of Reach

Any fire-starting materials you have should be kept up high where small children aren’t able to reach. Lighters and matches, obviously, should be kept out of reach of young children. These aren’t the only fire-starting materials to consider, though.

How to Help Little Ones Practice Fire Safety

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Fire is a warming and comforting thing for nearly everyone. And it’s often part of outdoor fun both in the summer and in the winter. But if you have kids around your fireplace or firepit, good fire safety is a must.

How can you encourage proper use of the fireplace or firepit that keeps your kids and others safe at all time? Here are a few easy things to do at home.

The Many Benefits of Outdoor Fire Pits

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If you’re looking for a way to add something special to your backyard or outdoor patio, a fire pit offers warmth and much more. There are lots of reasons to have one installed if you spend lots of time enjoying the outdoors.

Enhance Your Yard’s Visual Appeal

More than merely practical places to safely light a fire, today’s outdoor fire pits also serve as visual features. Depending on where you locate one and what design you choose, a pit could serve as the centerpiece of your outdoor decor or an accent that adds to other features. With many available designs, you have options for every yard and aesthetic use.

Use Fire to Attract Outdoor Dining Customers Year-Round

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An outdoor dining area does many things for your restaurant or tasting room. It adds square footage so you can host more customers and sell more products. And it creates an attraction to which people generally flock.

One of the best ways to improve your outdoor dining room and make it work all year long is to keep it warm and cozy with fire elements. You can do this in several ways, depending on your outdoor dining room’s style and size as well as your budget. Get started with these three tips to create a fire feature that will attract guests.

Start With a Centerpiece

3 Emerging Trends in Gas Fireplaces

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Beautiful and functional fireplaces are making a comeback as the center of family homes. Interior designers and style-savvy homeowners are placing more emphasis on transforming fireplaces into the centerpieces they were designed to be.

Gas fireplaces come in many different styles, which makes it easy for you to install a gas fireplace that will enhance the beauty of your home. Just as trends are constantly changing in interior design, fireplace trends evolve as the years pass as well.

4 Differences Between Vented and Unvented Gas Fireplaces

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A gas fireplace allows a homeowner to enjoy all the benefits of a wood fireplace with none of the unwanted side effects. In other words, investing in a gas fireplace means you can say goodbye to things like soot, smoke, and dirty piles of wood inside your home. To enjoy the best results from your fireplace, you’ll need to select the most appropriate gas fireplace for your needs.

One of the most important distinctions in gas fireplaces has to do with venting. Homeowners must choose between a vented and an unvented gas fireplace, but what are the differences between these two styles? This article identifies four key distinctions you should know about.

3 Causes of Excess Soot in a Gas Fireplace

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One of the most attractive features of gas fireplaces is the fact that they produce relatively little soot and smoke compared to their wood-burning relatives. In fact, with regular maintenance efforts, you can keep your gas fireplace more or less completely soot-free. Yet from time to time, a gas fireplace may produce excessive amounts of soot.

This soot not only mars the appearance of the fireplace, but it also signals a potential health risk since soot almost always occurs in conjunction with carbon monoxide. Homeowners should always contact a professional when their gas fireplace begins to produce soot. Learn about three potential causes of this unwanted phenomenon.

1. Rich Air-Fuel Mix

Soot consists of bits of uncombusted carbon released from the natural gas. When natural gas combusts under perfect circumstances, it produces virtually no soot at all. Instead, soot only occurs when combustion does not occur completely.

The key consideration when it comes to combustion efficiency lies in the air-fuel ratio. In order for the gas to release all of its energy through combustion, it must mix with an appropriate amount of air. When too little air enters the combustion chamber, all of the gas present will not combust. This scenario goes by the name of rich fuel.

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