Commercial Fireplaces in Utah and Idaho

Make your Utah or Idaho business more inviting with a fireplace from Alpine Fireplaces. Custom commercial fireplaces make a bold statement and add an air of luxury to your place of business. Your guests will notice this addition to your hotel or restaurant right away.

When guests sit by your fireplace, they’ll feel more relaxed. In fact, according to research by the University of Alabama, the simple act of gazing at a fire can lower blood pressure. You may be surprised at how quickly the atmosphere in your building changes with the simple addition of a flickering fire.

Commercial Fireplaces From Top Brands

Here at Alpine Fireplaces, we specialize in custom commercial fireplaces that take your business to the next level. If you live in Utah or Idaho, stop by one of our showrooms today to browse our selection. We sell a variety of fireplaces specifically designed for public areas. They are designed as much larger fireplaces than most residential fireplaces and have several safety features available to protect all customers including children. Our most popular commercial fireplaces are from leading brands like:

In addition, we manufacture our own line of Alpine fireplaces. Whichever brand you choose, our design team can help you match your fireplace to the style and feeling you want to evoke in your hotel, restaurant, or other commercial property. From rustic and traditional styles to sleek and modern, we have it all. For inspiration, check out our gallery.

Indoor and Outdoor Styles

A grand electric fireplace can make an excellent focal point for your hotel’s lobby, while a gas log fireplace enclosed in brick can add a cozy feel to an outdoor space. Here at Alpine Fireplaces, we supply both indoor and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to dress up any space.  If a custom fire feature is needed, we can help design and build it.

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To learn more about our commercial fireplaces or request your free quote, give us a call at 1.800.550.0952. You can also reach us using the message form on our Contact Us page. Please indicate you are looking for a commercial application.


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