Stone and Glass Contemporary Fireplace in Salt Lake County, UT

Whether you have an older fireplace you want to replace or you want to enjoy a fireplace for the first time, Alpine Fireplaces can help. We offer a wide variety of fireplaces for your Salt Lake County, UT, home, so turn to us whether you’re searching for a glass or stone contemporary fireplace.

What Can We Provide?

Our wide range of fireplaces allows us to provide the perfect fireplace for your heating needs and design preferences.

For example, you can choose a rectangular or linear fireplace that operates with a remote control or a nearby switch. These elegant, contemporary fireplaces can come with either glass covers or stone veneers. So whether you want a classy glass linear fireplace or traditional-looking stone rectangular fireplace, we’re the place that has what you need. We offer both gas and electric fireplace options.

We also have more traditional fireplaces, such as wood- or pellet-burning fireplaces. Both of these fireplace types use actual wood or forest waste products. Wood-burning fireplaces are great for authentic fires, and pellet-burning fireplaces are great for the environment.

No matter the fireplace choice you make, you can depend on Alpine Fireplaces for the safest, most beautiful, and cleanest fireplaces in the Salt Lake City, UT, area.

Why Choose Us?

Alpine Fireplaces provides quality fireplaces with a wide range of suppliers – including our own brand – and the ability to do custom work. That way, you can tailor your fireplace to your needs and be completely satisfied with your choice.

We also have multiple locations throughout the Salt Lake City, UT, area to better serve you. That way, we can easily visit your home without long wait times.

If you’re ready for a gorgeous fireplace, whether that involves a glass rectangular fireplace or woodburning fireplace, we’re here for you. Please call us at 1.800.550.0952 to discuss your stone or glass contemporary fireplace needs today.

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