5 Gas Fireplace Trends That Are Perfect For Fall

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Fireplaces are a perfect way to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and stay warm during cold fall months. Gas fireplaces, in particular, are popular due to their flexibility and a broad range of designs.

You can easily give your home a rustic or contemporary feel when you select the right gas fireplace design. Read this post to discover some exciting indoor fireplace trends you can explore for fall.

1. Linear Interior

Linear gas fireplaces are rectangular designs installed in walls. These come in various basic and premium models you can use to enhance your home’s décor and finish. Linear gas fireplaces can create an attractive impact wall based on size and placement.

Choose a background linear fireplace layout to mount the insert in a higher area. This style will ensure you can see the flickering flames above the back of your furniture. Alternatively, select a room divider design to separate two spaces, such as the dining and living rooms.

Another linear interior gas fireplace design you can choose is a glass-enclosed one. This layout features a thick pane that creates a realistic fire pit effect. The design is perfect if you want a fashionable gas fireplace to create a traditional feel.

2. Corner Fireplaces

Corner gas fireplaces are a popular trend due to their ability to save space and provide essential warmth. These inserts are perfect for homes with one wall that’s narrower than the other sides.

When you install a corner gas fireplace, you can bring more attention to smaller spaces, even when you have a large room.

Get a corner gas fireplace for your bedroom and complement it with light-colored drapery. Besides, insert it in your living room and layer the perimeters with granite to contrast wall colors and create a rustic look. You can also fit the gas fireplace along the entryway and install round gravels to increase visual appeal.

3. Sculptural Gas Fireplaces

Sculptural gas fireplaces are the perfect way to make your insert unique and different from typical rectangular models. Experts that install such trendy fixtures often incorporate designs like domes, waves, and bubbles.

Sculptural gas fireplaces allow you to choose an insert to complement your home’s architectural design. You also create the perfect backdrop and a unique artistic feel when the linear flames contrast with the perimeter.

4. Controllable Heat Fireplaces

Controllable fireplaces are a luxurious trend that allows you to enjoy standardized warmth. Models with such features can adjust the heat based on room temperatures and needs. They may also have a remote control to help you enjoy the cozy ambiance without frequent movement.

The heat levels available in a gas fireplace will depend on the selected model and manufacturer. If you want such an insert, consult your provider to determine if they have a suitable design. Their experts can also recommend a model ideal for your home’s design and heat output needs.

5. Modern Rustic Gas Fireplaces

Modern rustic fireplaces are another popular design to make your home more elegant and warmer during fall. These inserts can create a farmhouse or traditional feel based on the background and the furniture in the room.

Install a modern rustic fireplace in your living room to improve the aesthetic appeal and upgrade the space. Besides, place it in the dining area to create a smooth transition from the common room.

Use metallic colors to differentiate a rustic fireplace if your home has an urban look. Alternatively, repaint the background wall to a traditional color such as gray or dark green to transform the space.

Gas fireplaces are lucrative additions that boost comfort and increase your home’s value. At Alpine Fireplaces, we can help you identify a suitable trendy design for your space. Our experts will also guide you to ensure you choose an energy-efficient and reliable gas fireplace. Locate a showroom near you today to view our elegant designs.

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