4 Advantages of Fireplace Purchases From HPBA Members

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Fireplace - Alpine Gas FireplacesWhen you shop for fireplaces, you want to ensure you have a safe and reliable installation as you plan to use the fireplace for years into the future. One thing to look for from fireplace vendors is a membership to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, known as the HPBA for short.

Knowing a business is part of the HPBA comes with a lot more than just an extra title and logo attached to their brochures. Learn about the advantages of the HPBA and how each advantage will increase your confidence as you hire a company for a fireplace installation.

  1. Membership Qualifications

Not just any company can join the HPBA. To qualify, the business must have sales within the industry and pay dues based off the amount of those sales. Once a business is submitted, the company will go through a review process to ensure they are legit and qualified to sell and install fireplaces.

As part of the membership, a company must pay annual dues to keep their membership status and remain active among the HPBA.

  1. Educated Workers

One of the biggest advantages of an HPBA membership is the education the employees and owners of a company will receive. The HPBA often hosts classes, including several in-person courses at annual expos. The classes focus on fireplace installation and safety.

Safety is important when dealing with gas lines and open flames or following proper house codes. When you hire a company associated with the HPBA, you have extra confidence the company will provide you with proper installation. The workers will use the education to install the fireplace safely, whether you have an indoor or outdoor installation.

Classes evolve and change to adapt to new products and procedures, giving you confidence that the company you hire constantly learns and builds upon their fireplace skills.

  1. Industry Connections

The HPBA stays up with the standards set forth in the United States associated with housing laws and environmental laws, as well as the ways the laws impact the fireplace business. If you are concerned about pollution and safety precautions, an HPBA business will follow guidelines set forth by various associations connected to the HPBA.

For example, the HPBA works with the American Council on Renewable Energy to help improve fireplace efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint with fireplace installations. Other associations like the National Association of Home Builders and the International Building Council offer more resources and connections ideal for proper fireplace installation.

All of the connections boil down to providing safety and proper regulations for your fireplace installation. In the long run, the membership will result in fewer problems with fireplace installations and allow you to enjoy your fireplace safely for years to come.

  1. New Product Access

As part of the HPBA, fireplace companies have the chance to attend an annual expo with a focus on education and making business connections. Another important aspect of the expo is the exposure and presentation of the newest fireplace products. When you work with an HPBA company, they will have access to the newest state-of-the-art fireplace designs.

The new products will often have decreased emissions, better efficiency, and new technology that improves the safety of the fire features. You can feel confident in choosing a fireplace for your home, knowing the product is not outdated or has sat in a warehouse for years.

Supplemental supplies include the latest brochures and catalogs highlighting all of the new products and various ways to install fireplaces inside or outside of your home. Consider shopping with a fireplace company shortly after the latest expo to take advantage of the newest product options.

For all of your fireplace needs, contact us at Alpine Fireplaces. We are proud HPBA members and will supply you with the safety and service that comes with being a member.

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