Move Pandemic-Era Recreation Into the Backyard With These Fire Features

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Fire Features - Alpine Gas FireplacesThe COVID-19 pandemic has changed much about normal entertainment and recreation for most Americans. As the summer of 2020 continues and many people look toward a socially distant autumn with many limitations on activities, Americans are increasingly looking at their own backyards as the epicenter of entertainment for the foreseeable future.

If your backyard has become your go-to spot to replace fun activities you used to do elsewhere, a fire feature could transform it into a true destination. But what kind of fire element is right for your particular social life? Read on to see what entertainment replacements fit which type of fire features.

1. To Replace Date Nights
Date nights — both as a couple and with other couples — have been a mainstay of American evenings for decades. But with restaurants often closed, limited in scope, and stuck with social distancing rules, date night out might not be very enjoyable these days. So bring date nights home with a cozy fireplace in your outdoor dining or lounge area. A fireplace brings an automatic level of romance and relaxation.

Want something a little closer to trendy restaurants and bars you used to frequent? Fire tables combine a modern dining surface with a built-in, gas-powered row of flames in the center. They offer luxury and elegance while also promoting social distancing between couples by literally placing fire between the parties sharing the table.

2. To Replace Kids’ Outings
What if your primary activities tended to center around your little ones? Opt for an age-appropriate fire element to get kids outdoors. Families with teens and tweens might enjoy a large, family-sized fire pit for roasting marshmallows and enjoying the flames. Parents of very little ones, though, might want to keep things a little safer by installing a fireplace that often provides less access for little hands or bodies.

A fireplace is also a good choice for shared play spaces. Parents can sit together with their favorite cocktail and enjoy the fire while keeping the fireplace out of the way from children running around or playing sports.

3. To Replace Bars and Parties
If you are a particularly sociable person, the loss of larger parties or hanging out with your group could be the most difficult part of social distancing. The good news is that outdoor activities are safer than spending time together indoors, so your backyard could become a reasonably safe place to catch up.

Promote social distancing by installing a large fire pit that allows people to sit around and talk while maintaining the recommended six-foot distance. For a large outdoor lounge, a double-sided fireplace is another good choice, as family groups can sit on either side of the fireplace and enjoy the warmth while keeping a safe distance.

4. To Replace Personal Hobbies
Creativity is key to continuing to do what you personally enjoy even during the pandemic. This is a chance to explore your own imagination and style, so have fun by making your own personal version of favorite pastimes.

For instance, if you can’t hang out at your favorite bookstore and browse the stacks, create a reading nook in your yard complete with a cozy little chiminea or built-in fireplace and download the latest novels on your iPad. Or recreate your favorite coffee shop’s cozy feeling with a homemade coffee bar.

No matter what sort of family fun you want to mimic in your own backyard, a fire element can help give it warmth and personality. Want to learn more about your options? Alpine Gas Fireplaces is ready to help. Call today to talk with a fireplace professional.

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