Design Ideas for a Curved Fire Pit Hangout

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The fire pit is a focal point for backyard entertaining. Even in the warm months, you can enjoy the light from the fire well into the evening. In the cold months, you have the warmth. No matter the season, if you have a fire pit in your backyard, you have a pleasant and welcoming backyard hangout.

If you’re giving your backyard a makeover, be deliberate in the design of this hangout. While the hangout can take on any shape, round is perhaps the most charming option because curves and arcs create a pleasing visual. They also draw attention to the pit itself. Below are some ideas for a curved fire pit hangout.

Round Fire Pit

If you’re aiming for a fire pit hangout with curves, starting with a round fire pit makes sense. Indeed, circular is the most common shape for the fire feature. Since you’re designing an entire hangout area around the fire pit, you’ll probably opt for a built-in design. To that end, a built-in fuel source would be best. Gas and propane are the most common fuel materials.

The materials and design go hand-in-hand. For instance, if you’re interested in a modern hangout, you’ll probably choose a minimalist concrete pit. A fire pit with a stone veneer works well in Mediterranean and traditional styles. However, you can also get creative. For example, consider a concrete pit with a beautiful ring of Mediterranean tiles around the top.

Curved Seating

Speaking of seating, you don’t necessarily have to include built-in seating, but it does emphasize the curvature of your hangout. To that end, you’ll want curved bench seating. As a boon, a curved bench can fit seamlessly whether you choose a small arc or an almost complete circle. The key is to maintain the same distance as the bench encircles the fire pit.

Many fire pits do feature a bench ringing the fire pit. Such a bench is a pleasant complement to other seating in your hangout. For the bench, your pit should be between 18 to 20 inches tall. At the same time, keep enough room between the bench and the pit for portable seating on occasions when many guests are gathered around.

For design, you have numerous options. The material of the bench can be the same as the rest of the pit. However, you can also use a complementary material, such as cool white stone on top of a warm stone veneer. You can also incorporate other materials, such as wood, into the design.

A curved bench also gives you some other design options. For example, you can incorporate lighting under the bench. The bench can also end in platforms that you decorate with plants or lanterns. Even with the bench itself, you might choose to include a backrest or create a style that’s part wall, part perch.

Circular Flooring

Naturally, the flooring is the foundation of your fire pit hangout. As noted, it’s also a way to help draw attention to the pit itself. As such, you’ll want to choose complementary decking. Of course, the part of the decking that’s up against a rounded bench will be round. However, you can draw that shape through to the free edge as well, for a complete circle.

Indeed, circular flooring affords you some creative license. You can choose to emphasize the shape with material placement. For example, you might opt for bricks laid in a fanned circle around the pit. Conversely, the contractors can use a standard pattern for pavers to make the circle and incorporate rings with complementary colors.

Another option is to play with geometry by incorporating other shapes into the design. For example, you can use one material, such as concrete or pea gravel, for the majority of the circle. You can then use material from the pit design, such as natural stone, to incorporate squares, triangles, or rectangles into the round decking.

When it comes to outdoor fire pits, the design options are endless. Add some classic curves to your backyard with a rounded fire pit hangout. Alpine Fireplaces has a wide range of fire pits for your project.

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