5 Gorgeous Ideas for an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

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When you think of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, you may think of the traditional style — heavy on stone and using wood for fuel. While those are certainly options for your outdoor entertainment area, new technology in fire features has allowed for a host of design possibilities. Below are different fireplace and fire pit designs that you can incorporate, depending on the style of your home.

  1. Fireplace Wall

Also called a fire hearth, a fireplace wall is a useful structure. Designers incorporate seating into the design of the wall, usually on either side of the fire feature. You can even utilize a retaining wall to create a fire hearth. The wall could also curve around to provide more seating.

The style of your fireplace wall depends on your house. For a modern style, you could opt for basic concrete. However, by using veneers, you can cover the concrete with natural stone or brick. Coloration and accent details will help drive the style of your fire hearth.

  1. Three-Sided Fireplace

On the other end of the spectrum, you could design a fireplace that’s meant to be enjoyed from multiple viewpoints. A three-sided fireplace can look like an oversized box with three sides open for viewing. Conversely, it can jut out from an existing wall. Either way, the fire feature is showcased on the inside.

With a three-sided fireplace, you can get creative in the fire feature aspect. For example, you can enclose the three sides in glass and top the burner element with glowing glass. Conversely, you could top the burner ring with a traditional wood-look filler.

  1. Moroccan-Style Fireplace

Mediterranean style encompasses several countries, but homeowners often think of Italy or France first. Both cultures can provide inspiration for an attractive outdoor fireplace. However, if you want to add a touch of the exotic, consider a Moroccan-style fireplace.

A Moroccan fireplace will start simple, perhaps with an adobe surround. As the Landscaping Network points out, one of the distinguishing features of a Moroccan fireplace is the use of colorful tiles, which can go around the opening or on the mantle. For a truly exotic flare, consider an ogee shape for the fireplace opening.

  1. Shape-Oriented Fire Pit

Homeowners often style their fire pit to resemble a bonfire. However, the basic elements of a built-in fire pit are the base, the gas supply line, and the burner element. The base can present any kind of style.

One option is to coordinate your fire pit with the rest of your patio. Let’s say you have a rectangular wall and a square floor. You could add another shape with a circular pit. Conversely, you could echo the floor shape with a square pit. As with a fireplace, you can utilize a veneer for the base or leave it as basic concrete, depending on your patio’s style.

  1. Industrial-Style Fire Pit

Modern-style fire pits are a new trend. Instead of creating a homey bonfire ambiance, the goal of a mod-style fire pit is to add a chic touch to your outdoor area. Often these fire pits look more like decorative fire features rather than warming elements — though they do add warmth to your outdoor living area.

Modern style is characterized by the usage of manmade materials such as concrete, glass, and metal. So for a mod fire pit with an industrial flair, consider starting with a basic concrete base with the pit in the center. The gas elements can be sunk into streamlined containers topped with fire glass or white stones. Consider surrounding the fire feature with glass or adding metal elements.

Add both style and warmth to your outdoor living area with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Let the experts at Alpine Fireplaces help you design the right fireplace or fire pit for your outdoor living.


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