3 Emerging Trends in Gas Fireplaces

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Beautiful and functional fireplaces are making a comeback as the center of family homes. Interior designers and style-savvy homeowners are placing more emphasis on transforming fireplaces into the centerpieces they were designed to be.

Gas fireplaces come in many different styles, which makes it easy for you to install a gas fireplace that will enhance the beauty of your home. Just as trends are constantly changing in interior design, fireplace trends evolve as the years pass as well.

If you are looking to install a new gas fireplace in your home this year, keep the following three emerging trends in mind. Let these trends influence your decision to put your home at the forefront of modern interior design.

  1. Linear Fireplaces

Interior designers are starting to take notice of the bold statement a linear fireplace can make within the home. These rectangular fireplaces were once reserved only for use in contemporary or modern homes, but they are starting to appear in farmhouses, traditional homes, and cabins as well.

One of the defining characteristics of a linear fireplace is that the surround is built into the wall. This allows the front of the fireplace to be flush with the surrounding wall, which makes a linear fireplace the perfect choice for smaller living spaces.

A clean, flush appearance allows other design elements within your living space to shine while still giving you the ability to enjoy the ambiance created by a gas fireplace.

  1. Large Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces of the past were almost always rectangular in their design. The demand for large and bold fireplaces has seen a shift in the design of gas fireplaces to a more square shape. Homeowners that want to provide an alternative focal point to a large television screen can benefit from the installation of a large fireplace.

Increase the size of the firebox itself and pair this larger fireplace with an elegant surround to create a grand statement in your living space. Few things match the ambiance created by dancing flames viewed through a large glass panel, and you can use a large fireplace to help you achieve a stately and prestigious living space.

  1. Multi-Sided Fireplaces

Homeowners are drawn to open floor plans. An open and integrated living space increases the amount of usable living space in your home, but it presents a unique challenge when it comes to incorporating a fireplace into your home’s interior.

Multi-sided fireplaces provide a solution to the challenges of open floor plan living. A gas fireplace with a central flue can be installed within your living space and provide views of a burning fire from all angles. These multi-side fireplaces help you differentiate living spaces within an open floor plan and add interest to the architecture of your home.

You can even have a multi-side fireplace wrap around a corner in your living or dining room to create a unique aesthetic that preserves the openness of your floor plan.

Gas fireplaces can be functional design elements within your home. When you want your fireplace to be on trend, select the right gas insert. You can expect to see homeowners and interior designers using linear fireplaces, large inserts, and multi-side fireplaces throughout the coming year. Stick with these options for your own residence.

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