Ways You Can Upgrade Your Fireplace

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Whether you actively use your fireplace during the colder seasons or you simply keep the appliance because you enjoy its aesthetics in your home, you may be ready to upgrade this important home feature. Here are ways you can upgrade your fireplace so the unit is both functional and attractive.

Remove Soot Stains

Soot stains build up around and behind your fireplace and chimney over time, giving your heating unit a dated, neglected appearance. Hire a chimney specialist to remove the soot stains from on and around your fireplace mantel and chimney to give your wood burner a beautiful — yet easy — upgrade.

Upgrade the Mantel

If your fireplace is a classic red brick design, then you may be ready to upgrade your mantel to a natural stone that is more colorful and contemporary. Slate, crushed stone, limestone, marble, and other types of stone can be used to give your fireplace feature a grander appeal.

Another way you can upgrade your mantel is to change the current brickwork. Have your fireplace specialist replace current brick with reclaimed white, pink, gray, or varying colors of bricks so you can keep your classic fireplace look while still upgrading your mantel’s design. Your current chimney and mantel bricks can also simply be washed and sanded to soften the existing texture, giving your fireplace a fresher appearance.

The floor surrounding your fireplace could likely use some TLC as well. Consider upgrading the mantel, backsplash, and floor space surrounding your fireplace with the same material for a uniform, attractive upgrade you will love.

Add New Doors

Your fireplace can be upgraded simply by adding a new door (or grate) to your existing wood burner. Glass doors are ideal, as these allow the beautiful flames from a fire to be seen even when the door is closed. Decorative grates that can be left on your fireplace when the unit’s not in use can also be used to give your fireplace a more attractive allure.

Even replacing the handle and hinge fixtures on your fireplace’s current doors and grates can make a huge difference in your wood burner’s attraction. Consider brass, stainless steel, copper, or wood-lined handles for your fireplace.

Paint the Brick

You can paint the brick (or other natural stone) that makes up your fireplace, so long as you use a fireproof paint — your fireplace specialist will show you the best paint for your project. Painting the stonework around your fireplace is one of the simplest ways to give this home feature an instant and cost-effective upgrade.

Consider painting your fireplace mantel a rich navy or a solid white. You can also try one of these two looks for painting mantels:

  • An antique look which blends white or off-white paint with the natural texture and hue of bricks
  • Whitewashing, which is a light painting technique that covers the entire brick surface while still allowing the natural stone hues to shine through

Before updating your fireplace, your chimney specialist needs to know if your wood burner is functional or a home show piece. The specialist can then recommend upgrades based on your fireplace’s current condition, your budget, and how you use your wood burner. You can ask your fireplace specialist to show you before and after pictures of previous clients to give you an idea of what a fireplace facelift or upgrade can do for your home.

You can make your home’s fireplace more modern and attractive with small changes. You don’t have to replace the entire unit. Talk to our specialists at Alpine Fireplaces to discover the different ways you can give your fireplace a whole new appeal. Call us today.

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