Upgrade Your Space: 6 Indoor Fireplace Design Trends

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Gas Fireplace - Alpine Gas FireplacesIf Indoor fireplaces add more than just a warm, cozy ambiance. An in-home fireplace can be a charming focal point or an elegant upgrade to your already stylish space. From traditional mantles to modern wall treatments, you can integrate personal touches into your fireplace design in a number of ways.

For a fireplace that adds to your home’s overall aesthetic and value, consider these rising design trends to significantly upgrade look the look of any new or existing fireplace, blending it seamlessly into your home’s unique atmosphere.

1. Vertical Intrigue

Because it plays host to many romantic evenings and intimate gatherings, a fireplace with bold architectural features highlights its sentimental importance. Dramatic floor-to-ceiling elements create an eye-catching, impressive visual statement.

Whether you’re using tile, paint, stone, or shiplap, vertical design elements can mimic the look of structural chimneys and hearths with a modern twist. Vertical design elements draw the eye upward, enhancing the prominence of an indoor fireplace — whether the actual unit is large or not.

2. Built-Ins

For some, maximizing valuable room space is crucial in a room with little storage capacity. Luckily, built-ins offer a great solution. Fireplaces surrounded with cabinets or shelves become a cozy part of a larger, multi-functional gathering place within your home.

From bookcases to entertainment centers, the incorporation of an indoor fireplace adds a lively element to built-in architectural features.

3. Minimalism

Interior design is leaning more and more into minimalism as time goes on, and indoor fireplaces are no exception. As the saying goes, less is more. Modern fireplaces are becoming increasingly simpler in appearance, and they frequently include only neutral colors and clean, uncomplicated features.

Refined, simple fireplaces look best in homes that feature the understated yet bold details in minimalist design. Simple, deliberate fireplace design complements the clean lines, modern art details, and elegant furniture found in a modern minimalist space.

4. Realistic Details

If a modern fireplace simply doesn’t fit the rest of your decor, look no further than the familiar, traditional elements of fireplaces of old. Even gas or electric fireplaces can adopt the look and feel of traditional, wood-burning fireplaces through realistic wood logs, brick details, and classic fireplace screens.

Indoor fireplaces are a lot more than blue flames and glass chips. A number of flame options strive to mimic the appearance of traditional wood fireplaces, and many of them look indistinguishable from the real thing.

5. Mixed Materials

Like other areas in the home, fireplace design is seeing an increase in mixed material construction. Whether you want to mix wood and tile or marble and metal sheeting, combining complementary materials creates a unique and interesting appearance around your fireplace.

You can even accomplish this look without any major, destructive renovations. For example, if you apply different textures or sheens to your fireplace, this can provide enough visually appealing contrast to achieve the same effect.

6. Smart Features

Style aside, modern fireplaces have more safe and smart features than ever. From cool-touch glass to automatic shut off mechanisms, modern indoor fireplace design prioritizes the safety of you and your family in addition to visual attractiveness.

Which fireplace is appropriate for your home will depend on more than just aesthetics. For example, fireplace size will depend on space capacity and the limitations of fuel and gas codes to ensure adequate oxygen supplies within the room.

To find the fire feature that best suits your home, visit one of Alpine Fireplaces‘ showrooms to check out a wide selection of fireplace options. Our specialists will help you find an indoor fireplace that will elevate the style and atmosphere of your space.

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