Reasons to Install Fireplaces in Your Bed and Breakfast

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Fireplaces can do a lot of good things for bed and breakfasts. If you run a bed and breakfast that doesn’t have fireplaces in its rooms, here are many good reasons to put them in.

Set Your Establishment Apart

First, fireplaces can help set you apart from many other lodging options in the area. You’ll be in a better position to compete with any other businesses that have fireplaces, and you’ll have a distinct advantage over any business that doesn’t have fireplaces in its rooms.

Charge Higher Rates for Your Rooms

Second, you can increase your per-night rates once you have fireplaces in the rooms at your bed and breakfast. Because these are desirable features, people will often be willing to pay more for your rooms.

Exactly how much more you can charge for a room with a fireplace depends on many factors, and your regional competition will greatly dictate the amount you can increase rates by. For an idea of how much more you can charge once you install fireplaces, check out other nearby businesses that already have fireplaces in rooms and see what they’re charging per night.

If you don’t think you can raise the prices of all your rooms by very much, you can still use fireplaces in select rooms to increase how much your most desired accommodations go for. For instance, you can upgrade a suite with a fireplace to charge more but leave a standard room unchanged and charge your usual rate.

Create Beautiful Pictures for Your Website

Third, fireplaces can also upgrade your online advertising. A lit fire serves as a great focal point of a picture, so you’ll be able to take pictures of each room that are even more beautiful once you install fireplaces. You can then put these pictures on your website to help capture visitors’ attention.

Moreover, don’t underestimate the power of a good photograph on a website. Images can increase how much time visitors spend on a website because many people would rather look at pictures than read text. If a fireplace photo can keep visitors on your site for just a short while, that’s additional time they’re learning about your bed and breakfast.

Get Guests to Share Pictures on Social Media

Fourth, because fireplaces make such great photography focal points, guests tend to enjoy taking pictures of them. Everyone who stays at your establishment and shares a picture of a fireplace in their room is essentially giving you free advertising. 

This can be especially effective because good pictures are 40 percent more likely than less captivating pictures to be shared on social media. If someone takes a good photo of a beautiful fireplace, you can usually expect them to share that picture.

Upsell Romantic Packages for Couples

Fifth, while fireplaces aren’t necessary to create romantic getaway packages, a fireplace in at least one room makes it much easier to upsell honeymoon, anniversary, and similar packages. A fireplace sets the ambiance, and you can charge for the wine, chocolates, flowers, or other themed accents as well.

Make sure to feature your fireplace in the marketing materials for romantic getaway packages to help entice customers.

Increase Your Bed and Breakfast’s Property Value

Finally, fireplaces will increase the value of your property. Because fireplaces have so many benefits, you’ll be able to command a higher price when you sell the business and building. Even if this isn’t for many years, that benefit can be substantial when you do eventually get out of the bed and breakfast business.

To install fireplaces in your bed and breakfast, talk with a representative at Alpine Fireplaces.

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