Fireplace Styles to Match Your Bedroom Décor

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A fireplace in the bedroom hearkens back to the times when that was homeowners’ main source of heat. Though most bedrooms feature more modern technology, a fireplace still creates a cozy atmosphere no matter the room’s overall style. If you’re considering a remodel or new build that includes a bedroom fireplace, below are ideas for matching it to your room’s style.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is one of the most popular — it essentially encompasses most design trends happening now. With contemporary style, though, you often get a sense of playing with geometry and a leaning toward minimalism. A linear fireplace is ideal for this style of bedroom.

A linear fireplace is the most contemporary style, featuring an electric firebox. This style of fireplace can be installed flush with the surrounding wall or even built into a peninsula as a room divider. Designers typically incorporate gray stone surrounds, such as slate, or monochromatic wood into the overall fireplace design. They usually omit the mantle.

Old-World Style

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, you have the old-world style fireplace. This style should feature a generational appeal. While you may not want the hassle of starting and cleaning a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll want to replicate the look with a firebox that incorporates a wood-look insert and realistic flames.

For the surround, you should utilize natural stone. The mantle can be stone or wood. However, consider an elaborate style with carved corbels and other molding. If space permits, you can even extend the hearth out or raise it up for seating. A wrought iron grate would be a beautiful addition to this style of fireplace.

Traditional Style

Traditional style is very similar to old world. However, you’re not emphasizing the time-worn nature of items with this style. Rather, you’re incorporating old-world elements into your contemporary design. You can also think of this style as transitional because it mixes elements of historical and modern.

When you think of a traditional fireplace, you may think of brick. Brick surrounds add a sense of craftsmanship because of the masonry involved in the construction. They also add visual warmth in the red color of the bricks. You can choose the traditional wood-look insert or modernize the fireplace with a linear firebox. White mantles make a beautiful contrast to the rich red of the brick.

Mission Style

Mission is both a regional and time-specific style. It dates back to the early 20th century in the United States. Based on furniture from California missions, the style features simple lines and a weighty appearance. Wood is the favored material.

The Mission style fireplace is going to look rustic but with the roughest edges smoothed out. For instance, you might choose natural stone over brick for the surround, but you want cut stone rather than stacked. The wood mantle should feature flat surfaces with a little carving. White is a common background color for this style.

Western Style

As with the Mission style, Western style relates to both a time period and a region. For Western style, you’re looking more at the western United States, what would have been considered the Wild West. The time period would also be a little earlier, probably 18th and 19th centuries.

As such, a Western style fireplace is going to look more rustic. Here’s where you may see a stacked stone surround. If you choose cut stone, pick stones with a rough surface rather than those that have been polished. The mantle should be similarly rough-hewn — and wood is the best choice.

With bedrooms that call for either a Mission or Western style fireplace, you can also consider an adobe version. These fireplaces give the sense that they come from a pueblo, so they look ideal for the above regions and time periods. An adobe fireplace is a good option if your space is limited or you don’t want to use the weighty materials associated with Mission and Western fireplaces.

Add coziness to your bedroom with a fireplace that fits its style. Contact Alpine Fireplaces for a custom fireplace that best suits your décor.

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