Family Time Unplugged

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Father and Daughter in Front of FireplaceMany families realize how much daily time is spent on digital devices. This is why a lot of families have gone out of their way to spend some unplugged time together. This is purely family time, filled with various activities and with no phones, tablets, or computers allowed.

The atmosphere surrounding this family time can make a huge difference in the mood of everyone involved. One way to help increase the success of this family time is by introducing a key focal point into the room.

One of the more ideal options is a fireplace. A burning fireplace can provide a relaxing and ambient setting. The fireplace offers a great alternative to a screen and allows everyone to focus on each other rather than something else. When you make the fireplace the centerpiece, you can also choose relaxing family activities to associate with it.

Browse these various activities and see how an ambient fireplace can really make a difference.

Family Performance Games

The fireplace is an ideal location around which to gather for hold family performance games. In these games, one person stands in front of the group and takes their turn while everyone else guesses. Some of the more classic games you can play are charades, password, and the celebrity name game.

The ambient light provided by the fireplace can provide a fun and cozy atmosphere while family members gather around and have fun seeing who can win the game.

Each time you have unplugged family time, a different member of the family can select a various game. This can also expand to include a number of different board games and card games.

Family Crafts and Snacks

During unplugged family time, it’s a great idea to work together on creating something. You can break this down into two categories: family crafts and family snacks. The ultimate choice depends on the family and everyone’s interests.

A living room coffee table is a great place to host these crafting and food making sessions. A fireplace burning in the background can add to the feeling of relaxation as family members build and work together. You don’t even have to be super creative to do it all. Something as simple as coloring together or making a quick appetizer can work.

Enjoying snacks and drinks in front of a fireplace is a great way to end the night, wind down, and enjoy the company of the whole family. Around different holidays or birthdays, you can really expand on the craft options and select all different types of creations for everyone to do together.

Stories and Reading Sessions

Reading beside the fireplace is extremely relaxing, but there’s no reason to do it alone. Reading and sharing stories can turn into a fun family activity that will create great memories for everyone involved.

There are multiple ways to go about sharing stories. You can choose a full-length novel and have each person read a chapter. You can print out short stories or poetry selections for everyone to share and comment on.

If you have younger children, you can include funny poems or scary stories. With all the lights out and just the fireplace on, it can create a visually inspiring situation.

The fireplace setting is also a great place to tell old family stories. This can include stories from when the children were little or from your own childhood. It is a great bonding experience and even something that can be mixed with other ideas, such as family snacks.

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