Choosing Where to Place Your Outdoor Firepit

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Nothing is better than gathering around a toasty fire pit on a mild summer evening. Fire pits make your outdoor space more versatile and homey. You can roast marshmallows or drink a cup of cocoa under the stars whenever you feel like it.Outdoor Firepit - Alpine Gas Fireplaces

When you are planning out the perfect place to put your fire pit, there are a few things that you should consider.


The most important part of deciding where to place your fire pit is safety. You need to make sure that wherever your fire pit is, it’s not going to be dangerous. Here are some quick tips for fire safety with a fire pit.

Follow Local Laws

Make sure you know your local laws and regulations when you have a fire pit installed. You should take a look not only at state or county regulations but also neighborhood or building regulations as well. Carefully following regulations will help ensure that your fire pit is safe in local weather conditions and circumstances. The rules exist for a reason.

Install Away From Structures

Your fire pit should be at least 10 feet away fromanything flammable, like plants, buildings, or sheds.

Install on Level Ground

It’s important that your fire pit is level; if it is a bowl or a basin, you don’t want it to tip over. If it is a more permanent install, you want to make sure it doesn’t lean to one side so that the fire pit will work properly. A poorly leveled fire pit is a fire hazard because it can spill or burn unevenly. So, wherever you decide to put your fire pit, make sure you level the ground first.


What role do you want your fire pit to play? Here are a few ideas.

A Part of Your Home

Some people like their fire pits to be so much a part of their routine, that it feels like a part of the floor plan. If you want to spend every evening curled up and watching the stars next to your fire pit or every morning sipping your tea and watching the flames, then you probably want your fire pit close.

If you want your fire pit to feel like an outdoor roomor an extension of your house, try placing it somewhere easily accessible, just out the back door or in a courtyard.

A Cozy Conversation Nook

Some people love a fire pit for those intimate gatherings of close friends on a summer’s evening. If you want somewhere to gather with a few friends or family and feel like you are in a world all your own, placing your fire pit in a nook a little farther from the house would be best. Choose a secluded place where you can’t be easily seen or heard from the house or the road.

The Life of the Party

Some people thrive on social gatherings and love a fire pit in the middle of things. If you want your fire pit to be the focal point for parties, put it somewhere open with plenty of space for mingling. Consider having portable seating options, so that however many people you are entertaining, everyone has somewhere to sit.


When you plan a fire pit installation, one of the important things to keep in mind is privacy. You should choose a place that has some privacy fromnearby neighbors or passing cars so that you can enjoy your fire pit without feeling like you are on display.

Many things can offer you some privacy at your fire pit; here is a list: Plants (bushes, trees, vines, or even tall grasses)


Height (if your house is built on a rise) Fences

Whatever cover you choose, make sure you are giving your fire pit enough space to be safe.

Wherever you decide to place your outdoor fire pit, we can help you at Alpine Fireplaces to find the right fire pit and install it safely.

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