5 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Fire place Instead of Heaters

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Heating your outdoor entertainment space makes it more welcoming and enjoyable to everyone and ensures that you will get the maximum use from it. But why should you opt for an outdoor fireplace rather than standard outdoor heaters? Discover five o the best reasons.

1. Fireplaces Add Coziness

Snuggling up to a source of warmth on a cold evening is enjoyable, but a heater can’t provide the same level of coziness that a real fire feature does. Real flames dancing in the dark and the warm glow of the fire make the entire space – from the closest seats to the farthest edges of orange shadowing – more friendly and relaxing.

This cozy feeling goes beyond the actual heat being generated, resulting in an overall homey atmosphere through just this one addition. You can then build upon this with comfy d├ęcor like thick outdoor rugs, upholstered furniture, throw pillows, and fluffy blankets.

2. Fireplaces Provide Focal Points

Does your outdoor patio or deck lack a focal point or something to make it pop and come alive? A fireplace – or many other types of outdoor fire features – can be that central feature that brings the space together. It draws attention as visitor arrive and can even draw them outdoors just by its welcoming appearance from afar.

And a fireplace gives your decorating a basis upon which to work. As with indoor rooms featuring fireplaces, outdoor rooms often center around this element and are harmonious through it. A large, ornate fireplace gives structure to a sprawling outdoor area, while a compact wall unit might be the finishing touch to a small outdoor patio. Heaters, while useful, can’t add this decorative touch.

3. Fireplaces Add Home Value

Many modern home buyers love attractive and functional outdoor rooms. Your outdoor entertainment area can add lasting value to the home for future sales if you plan ahead. And this often means opting for more permanent features like a built-i fireplace rather than removable or less long-lasting items like temporary heaters. Investing in a beautiful fire setup now will pay off in the response o potential buyers in the future.

4. Fireplaces Are Conversation Starters

Want to get people together and talking? Seat them around an open fire. Unlike utilitarian heaters, fire features offer an interactive and shared experience that calms people and gives them something to talk about.

Your guests can pull up a chair and comment on the flames, colors, pops of embers, and even design of the fire feature. This may bring back favorite memories of outdoor experiences like camping with their families. All of this means you and everyone you invite over have instant conversation starters and ways to break the ice.

5. Fireplaces Engage All Senses

Do not overlook your other senses when enjoying your outdoor entertainment area. Remember, the heat only engages one of your major senses. What else can a fireplace give your senses? The crackle and hissing of a small fire adds interesting sounds to a quiet backyard dinner party. The fire itself provides a unique scent to fill the air. And bouncing flames offer a soft, flickering glow that lights up your deck or patio.

Want to know more about using an outdoor fireplace or other fire element in lieu of automatic heaters? Start by visiting the team at Alpine Fireplaces. We will work with you to find the best fireplace or fire pit for your backyard and help you make it ready for your guests. Call today to make an appointment or get answers to your questions. We look forward to providing you with the best outdoor fireplace for your home.

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