4 Useful Accessories for Your Backyard Firepit

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A firepit creates a natural gathering point that fits into any backyard seamlessly. If you want to get the most out of your firepit, you will likely be interested in some of the most popular add-ons for this feature. Here are four examples of useful accessories that can enhance the convenience and safety of your firepit.

1. Fire Media

The pieces of glass or stone that fill your firepit are known as the fire media. The fire media is essential to protect your firepit from scorching and warping. The media distributes gas and heat evenly around the firepit to prevent focused heat from damaging the feature.

If you plan to primarily use your firepit in colder weather, fire glass is a good choice because it is excellent at spreading heat to a wider area. Fire glass can have a jagged or polished texture, and it shines in a firepit to create an attractive display. On the other hand, lava rock is a long-lasting media that provides a rustic aesthetic for smaller spaces.

2. Firepit Cover

Firepit covers can be divided into two distinct categories. The first type of cover is commonly known as a snuffer lid. These covers are usually made of stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminum and are designed to prevent your firepit from rekindling unexpectedly. Snuffer lids fit snugly into the firepit tray to cut off oxygen and extinguish any cinders.

Protective covers are the other class of firepit covers. A protective firepit cover is most commonly a tarp made of a material like canvas or vinyl. These covers protect your firepit from exposure to foreign elements that could damage it, such as precipitation, sand, gravel, and pests. Many protective firepit covers have adjustable straps or cords, while others are custom-made for specific firepit sizes and styles.

3. Cooking Grate

Nothing creates a cozy atmosphere like the smell of cooking food. A cooking grate lets you put your firepit to work while you relax with friends and family. Cooking grates can be found in virtually any shape or size to match your firepit.

Since the cooking grate will come in close contact with food, it’s important to keep the grate clean and rust-free. For these reasons, many homeowners prefer stainless steel cooking grates or models that are easy to detach and move to shelter.

Other factors to consider when choosing a cooking grate include leg height and grill pattern. Taller cooking grates allow greater airflow to promote quick and even cooking. Square- or diamond-pattern grates provide a more even sear and are less likely to allow small pieces of food to fall through.

4. Wind Guard

An open firepit is always enjoyable when the air is still, but a strong breeze can blow sparks around haphazardly and focus too much heat in one area. Firepit wind guards are designed to solve this problem by creating a barrier around the flame. Wind guards are small fences made of tempered glass that encircle the firepit tray.

Wind guards keep you safe by preventing hot embers from blowing around, and they also add a unique aesthetic to any firepit. Flames in firepits with wind guards burn straighter and smoother, so they are more appealing to look at. Wind guards include brackets that allow you to attach them to a firepit quickly and easily.

Installing the right accessories lets you take advantage of your firepit in new and interesting ways. Remember these options when you’re looking to upgrade your backyard firepit and call Alpine Fireplaces for all your outdoor fire fixture needs. We have the firepits and accessories you need for your yard.

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