3 Types of Chic Indoor Linear Fireplaces

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3 Types of Chic Indoor Linear Fireplaces

A linear fireplace is somewhat like an outdoor fire pit that can be used indoors.. Therefore, you have numerous design options with a linear fireplace. You can connect two rooms or play with proportions.

While you could certainly incorporate a linear fireplace into a traditional fireplace style, linear styles tend to look modern. Below are some ideas and considerations for adding a contemporary linear fireplace to your house.

1. Background Fireplace

As the name suggests, linear fireplaces are usually long and narrow, almost like a ribbon of fire. You often see designers play with proportion in these installations. Instead of symmetrical space all around the fire box, they might place it at one end of the wall. They may even draw out the fire box along the whole length of the wall.

Sometimes designers orient a fireplace so it’s a focal point in the room, an ideal that hearkens back to the traditional uses of fireplaces. However, contemporary style often aims to flip traditional ideals. In other words, you could design a fireplace that’s meant to be somewhat behind the scenes.

For a background fireplace, you could start with the fireplace that’s drawn out the entire length of the wall. Have it mounted a little bit higher than usual. The goal here is you want to be able to see the flickering flames just above the backs of furniture placed in front of the fireplace. That’s the background element of this linear fireplace design — it’s actually behind the furniture instead of oriented in the center.

For a background fireplace, talk to your fireplace experts about the amount of clearance needed between your furniture and the fire element.

2. Glass-Enclosed Fireplace

Contemporary design often incorporates manufactured materials to create that modern aesthetic. In this case, you may want to focus on glass as a primary material in the fireplace construction. Because linear fireplaces essentially function like fire pits, you can design almost any configuration with glass enclosing the fire box.

For instance, you might see what looks like a long, glass-enclosed fire pit jutting out from a wall on a base. This configuration is, in fact, a linear fireplace. That style of linear fireplace would look stunning with an equally modern background of metal or glossy stone.

You may also see glass-enclosed linear fireplaces in the middle of the room with the fire pit inside. Such a fireplace is a common way of creating a room divide, say as a delineation within a great room.

3. Room Divider Fireplace

Room divider fireplaces come in a variety of styles. Sometimes they sit in the center of a room to delineate spaces within an open floor plan. Other times you might see them protruding from another wall that transitions spaces, say within a master suite.

An example of a central room divider starts with the linear fire pit on the floor. The actual division can be created by a wall suspended above the fire pit from the ceiling. A fireplace that acts as a divider is much like a full floor-to-ceiling wall, but designers can install the fireplace so that the fire is visible from both sides.

You can also incorporate a linear fireplace with a peninsula wall, a type of wall that is built at half or three-quarter height. The fireplace would go on top of the wall to form a more complete vertical form. This configuration would be charming as a transition between a bedroom and a bathroom in a master suite.

Update the look of your home with a contemporary linear fireplace. The design experts at Alpine Fireplaces can help you envision a gorgeous linear fireplace for you house.

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