3 Things to Consider Before You Install a Fire Pit

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With summer in full swing, the warm weather has set in, but with the late months of the season comes cooler evenings and nights. This is the perfect time of year to enjoy evenings around afire pit in your backyard. Installing afire pit is a great investment for your family as well as there sale value of your home. Before you get started, there are somethings you need to think about. Here are a couple of things to consider as you plan your fire pit installation.

1. Local Fire Pit Regulations

Check with your local town or county fire protection division about the codes and regulations in place related to fire pit construction and use. The last thing you want to do is install a fire pit that’s too close to your home or constructed of unapproved material.

Your local authorities can tell you what the regulations are in your area. For example, in California, fire pits must beat least 15 feet from any residence or structure. In addition to these regulations, you also need to stay abreast of burn bans in your area and whether or not they apply to your fire pit.

Because the regulations vary from town to town, you should work with a professional to choose and install your fire pit. These companies deal with local regulations on a daily basis and can help you to choose a pit and location that will be within those regulations and safe from city or local repercussions.

2. Construction Material

Fire pits are constructed from many different types of materials. From various types of metal to concrete, brick,and stone, your choices are seemingly endless. A decision is necessary, though. Consider what materials are permitted in your local area, then think about how you want your fire pit to look.

Not only do you need to select the material that the pit is constructed from, but you also need to determine what type of material you want for the foundation. For in-ground fire pits, you can line the ground with gravel or something similar before constructing the pit. Above ground pits can also be placed on gravel, or they can be positioned on a concrete or stone pad if you prefer.

Think about the type of environment you are trying to create in your backyard and select a pit and foundation that will blend well with the final appearance you are looking for.

3. Fuel Source

While some people automatically think of wood when thinking of a burn pit, you can actually choose either wood or gas as your fuel source for your burn pit. Decide which one you want before you select your pit. Wood-burning fire pits are more traditional and offer a more authentic experience when you gather around it. You cannot replicate that wood smoke smell with a gas fire pit. Wood-burning units are also often less expensive to install, making them a more popular choice for those wanting afire pit on a budget.

However, wood-burning fire pits require more maintenance,as you need to clean out and dump the ash on a regular basis. That means having somewhere you can safely dispose of that ash. You won’t have that concern with a gas-burning unit.

Gas-burning fire pits are also easier to use,as they provide an instant flame and lower fire risk. Since the flame is contained to the fuel source in the pit, there are no hot embers being passed anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about a fire sparking nearby your pit. For more information and to find the fire pit that’s right for your yard,contact us at Alpine Gas Fireplaces. We will be happy to help!

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